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DAN DIMITRIU, Veterinary assistant, Veterinarian in Romania

I relocated to the golden state in the Spring of 2006 and The Bay Area quickly became home. I am the proud "dad" of a flame colored Pomeranian named Peanut. He comes from a long line of show quality Poms, and seems to know it. I double as professional photographer, and have been fortunate to shoot many special events, but no matter how many I do Peanut remains one of my favorite subjects. On weekends we tend to our bountiful vegetable garden. Just about the only place he doesn't follow me is the boat, because I wouldn't want any of the large catches mistaking my boy for bait!



My name is Mary Kay and I have worked with Dr. Laurie since 1997 and have been a licensed RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) since 1999. When I’m not at work, I’m taking care of my husband and home in Oakland and our two Labrador Retrievers. I enjoy fitness, hiking with the dogs, cooking and reading. I am competing in rally and agility with both dogs.  My passion is collecting wayward Labradors. At various times, our home has served as a doggie juvenile hall, assisted living facility and hospice. I seem to specialize in canine bad behavior. I’ve loved biters, bolters, squirrel-chasers, leash-eaters and counter-surfers. My husband is a very forgiving man.

MARIAH MURCIA, Client Service Liason

At 22 years old, Mariah is one of the youngest in the clinic. She has been In the Veterinary field for two years while attending Diablo Valley College pursuing a health science and nursing degree. When not working or attending school, Mariah enjoys beach trips, online shopping, hiking and spending time with family. She owns a stubborn and invasive English Bulldog named Moose and an energetic bed-hogger of a Bullmastiff named Blue. She is almost always covered in slobber and loves to give her co-workers tough love. When she is not at the reception desk at Theater View, you will find her being a spontaneous, fun-loving girlfriend.


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